Ambassador Program


Rich Tanning Mousse's official influencer program has been created to collaborate with influencers and share our passion of sunless tanning across our communities. 
How It Works
☀️ Sign-up here 
☀️Your affiliate dashboard will provide you with a unique link to share with your followers for up 10% off!
☀️Reach out to us with your email, name, socials, and mailing address
☀️Once our team receives your mailing address we will ship a welcome package of the best sunless tanning goodies directly to your door!
☀️Create content and post!
Commissions & How You Get Paid
☀️You get up to 15% of all sales that come from your links or codes! Our system sends you a report monthly along with your payment via PayPal!
☀️We are so happy to offer this commission to you and we’ve seen it add up fast! We appreciate your hard work and the time it takes to create content and we want to show our appreciation and have a great long-term relationship with you! 
Ideal Content
☀️A before and after tan split screen is always the most interesting to your followers! It just shows off your glowing skin in the best way! The first picture (on the left side) is your pre-tan look. Then on the right side, it’s you all nice 
and tan and happy! (And usually holding the bottle of tanner that you used so it’s clear your tan wasn’t beach created).
☀️A tutorial video is always SO well received! Viewers often have so many questions when it comes to sunless tanning and how to do it - so most people get a ton of value from content like this.
☀️And whatever you want! Of course, you are the creator, and we value that in the biggest way! Whatever feels natural to you and brings the most value to the audience is always the goal!
What We Ask of You
☀️We’d love to promote your content too. We have marketing dollars to spend on getting extra eyes on the content you create and on your profile! It’s great exposure for both of us. We just ask that you allow us to send us the content that you create so we can post it as well. 
☀️We ask that you post content within 2 weeks of receiving your product. The package you receive will be up to $45 in value and we’d love to start collaborating with you right away!
✅ Please complete the Ambassador Affiliate Request Form (< click) and submit. We review all affiliate requests within 48 hours and if approved, you'll receive your personal affiliate link
Questions? Send them our way! Email us at
We can’t wait to create some tan magic with you.